Voice of Heart

The Power of Radio

Many international NGOs in Cambodia provide medical care and assist in the rehabilitation of landmine victims. The CMC has noticed that people become disabled by landmine accidents are actually in need of mental healthcare. Most of the victims are forced to live under various forms of discrimination. For instance, it is often the case that people become unemployed because of their physical disability. “Voice of Heart” is made especially for those who have been seeking for a place to share their own experiences and problems. The popular storytelling radio programme has been receiving massive public support and sympathy from both landmine victims and non-victims.


CMC staff (left) and the famous Cambodian singer Preap Sovath (right)

The radio project started in 2005 and the first DJ guest was Preap Sovath, one of Cambodia’s big stars! Thanks to his participation in the project, it was launched with great success. The Voice of Heart plays a key role in providing useful information about medical tests, rehabilitation centres, and job training centres in town as well as for the remote area dwellers. Furthermore, it is an effective tool for spreading mine awareness/risk education to people living in rural mine affected/suspected areas. The Voice of Heart continues expanding its contents, quality and auditory areas to make programmes meaningful and useful.

The Voice from Landmine Victim

The poem below was sent from a landmine victim in Battambang to our popular storytelling show.
R. H, Battambang State (June, 2008)
I am disabled.
I am learning and training hard to get the professional skills I need to live self-sustained.
Because I want to live a good life.
I am disabled.
I have lost parts of my body but I am still the same as before.
Because I am alive.
I want to overcome my disability to live a good life.
That is why I am learning hard here.
I believe getting job skills is the best way to begin a new life.
To all landmine survivors,
Please do not feel sorry for yourself.

The Voices from Listeners

Our radio show posters are on everywhere including schools and restaurants in remote villages.

  • From Victims
    • It is great to know how other landmine survivors are feeling.
    • The show is useful for children who do not have knowledge of landmine dangers. Quiz and discussions would be a good idea for mine awareness education.
    • The show is amazing! I did not know how the voice is more meaningful then goods and money.
    • I had shut myself out for a long time but the show cheered me up. I’ve got to move on!
  • From Non-Victims
    • It was good to know how landmine survivors are feeling. I have never thought that they are fighting with difficulties.
    • I respect the landmine victims as they are putting so much effort to adopt to the society.
    • I learned a lot from this show. The DJ talk is interesting. I passed on everything I have learned from the show to my family.
    • I think I am going to ask them to repair my motorbike and TV. I just want to help them out!